Why motivation wont take you all the way


Why I believe motivation is bullshit and how it will never get you to achieve a goal

Stick with me here.

Motivation will get you started but motivation alone will not get you to achieve your goal. Do these questions sound familiar?

“I am not motivated today so I am not going to do it”.


“I wish I had the motivation to do x,z & z?”

So, lets talk about work then, a job you are getting paid for. Its 7am and you have to get up for work, but you are not motivated to get up… do you get up? absolutely because the driving force isn’t motivation it is more than likely the pay check at the end of the week. Not being paid is the consequence.

If you’re at home and it is time to put the dinner on for the kids but you are not motivated because you are tired from being up all night with them, Does that mean you do not put the dinner on for your kids….. shit no! The last thing you want is social services calling to your house because you have starving kids. So what would be the consequence? Being a shitty parent would be the consequence.

So, it would seem to me the consequence is the driving force behind a goal.

Let us talk about fitness and your goals.  You have a goal, you write it down, your motivated to start, few days or weeks in motivation is lacking even though you know fine well how good you feel after completing the action to get you to that goal.

If you decide not to complete the action, what is the consequence…  you let yourself down, you feel like shit, instead of being one step closer your now one step behind… This is a big deal, right?

Why are we okay to let ourselves down but not others….?   (we will chat about this in another blog but for now..)

It is time we showed up for ourselves because we are important.

 It is time to change your story you tell yourself.   It is not okay to let yourself down.


I would like you to write on top of a piece of paper


Stick that piece of paper on your fridge.

Take ownership of what you do, do not let feelings and lack of motivation stop you from achieving your goal.

Write done your goals and follow through because you are now the person the does what you say.

Your actions and words align. You are a force to be reckoned with. Because what starts happening when you do this? you start being clearer with your goals and more careful what you say.

You need to start trusting yourself to show up for you.

Stop blaming or waiting for motivation. If you want something it is important to you go and find a way of making it happen. Follow through because remember you do not let yourself down.

Wonderful stuff will start happening when you start working this way.  Show up for you like you do for everyone else!