Do you need to lose weight?

Weight loss is mental and physical. I approach weight loss from two angles. I look at taking the excess weight off, I do this through High intensity training, resistance training and cardio. ( I know what your thinking but hold that thought)

Once we see movement and change in the weight loss we then start approaching the whys for example “why did I get to this stage in the first place?” I am a firm believer that when we understand our whys and become aware of our destructive habits we then and only then start to make a healthy mental change. Why is this important to weight loss? It is important because the weight loss you achieve here with me is only the tip of the iceberg, The time we have together i want to give you the skills and knowledge so when you finish your personal training course you will be able to bring this knowledge with you and not put the weight back on. This is why finding out YOUR WHY IS SO CRUCIAL TO YOUR ONGOING WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY.



So back to the beginning of how we can help you lose weight. I stated the training element but training alone will not carry you through to get you the weight loss you desire.

NUTRITION. Nutrition plays a huge part in your goal. A healthy, balanced nutrition lifestyle not a FAD diet. I DO NOT believe in restriction or depriving oneself. Restriction will always end up in a binge and depriving will end up resenting the plan and giving up. Food is not the enemy as long as we do not abuse it. For the first week I do not want you to change anything but what I do want is accountability to yourself and me by writing everything down that enters your mouth. Down to water, milk etc. Once I can see what your eating only then can we work on developing you a new healthy balanced nutrition plan to help you on your way.

So do you think I can help? If you are still unsure check out the transformations and testimonials of previous clients weight loss journeys.

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Maura’s weight loss transformation