My journey with victory fitness began five years ago when I first started training with Ronan to strengthen my back as I suffered from back injuries. I started weight training and fell in love with it. However, along the way I began discovering issues I needed to face. I’ve always had issues with food and negative body image, so when we began going deeper into nutrition my fears and anxieties grew. I was very underweight when I started with Ronan, so firstly I needed to gain some weight. This was probably the hardest aspect of my journey, weight gain was something I feared. I went from eating very erratically, sometimes only once or twice a day, sometimes not at all when I was stressed, to eating five or six times a day and as my weight began to increase, the issues I had became more and more dominant. I hated my body and this led me to a very dark place in my head. I would set goal after goal for myself to get physically stronger and grow muscle, only to fail time and time again because no matter how hard I tried when I gained weight I would hate myself more and end up sabotaging my nutrition until I would loose it again, which led to more self-criticism and frustration as I felt like a failure, I was on a circle of self distruction.

When I was finally able to be open and honest with Ronan about my struggles, things began to change. I found him to be so understanding , he was a great listener and began to help me learn in new ways in which I could develop a more positive mindset towards food and the way I looked at myself and talked to myself. He encouraged me and helped find someone I could talk to professionally about my issues.

The journey hasn’t always been easy, but through victory fitness and Ronans determination to help me I’ve learned how to value myself, to love and appreciate my body and that I’m more important than just a number on a scale. He has thought me through good nutrition practices to eat well and to nourish my body in a positive way so that I no longer see food and weight gain as a punishment, but as something to be enjoyed and to help me reach the goals I set for myself.

I went from being very underweight, unhealthy with very low self esteem and incredibly unhappy in myself to being, to a good healthy weight being much happier growing more and also more confident. Furthermore, for the first time wearing shorts and dresses which was unheard of for me. I’m beginning to like what I see in the mirror now, this is a huge achievement that couldn’t have been done without the help of Victory Fitness. It’s the best place to go for any kind of help you need with exercise, training and nutrition. Ronan genuinely cares about his clients and with you every step of the way. I couldn’t recommend anyone better and will always be grateful for the time, energy, knowledge and consistency he’s given me. I’m getting stronger and fitter physically and mentally, I’m believing in me.