I contacted Victory Fitness 12 weeks ago after booking a holiday to Thailand. My main aim was to lose weight and tone up.. I met with Ronan for a consultation and from there it all changed for the better. I lost 10kg in total and I am absolutely thrilled with my results, I’ve dropped 2 dress sizes, feel healthier, fitter and confident in my body. I want to say a massive thank you to everyone, Susie for my nutrition plan, to the trainers Ronan, Peter, Leighton, Shannon and Tommy, I cannot thank you all enough. They pushed me beyond Iimits that I didn’t think were even possible.. Their support and motivation to every session gave me a positive mindset to believe in myself. I would 100% recommend Victory Fitness to anyone who wants to make a difference however big or small their goal may be, I promise, you will never look back.. Joining Victory Fitness is hands down the best decision I’ve made from the nutrition to the training I can honestly say it’s the happiest I’ve been in a long time 😊 this is only the start for me and I cannot wait for the journey ahead.




The victory fitness team are excellent tutors. I feel much more confident now and  have lost a lot of weight and got more toned.










I went from unhealthy, not confident in myself and very unhappy. Now i am the total opposite and love my life now. Victory fitness helped me change my body and my whole outlook on exercise and nutrition. A year on and i am still training because i want to. I would recommend victory fitness as it changed my life.




Clients who wish to remain anonymous

When I joined victory fitness in January my main aim was to lose weight. My consultation was with Ronan and from there i wasn’t turning back. It was a hard but a rewarding journey. The whole team at victory fitness are outstanding from Suzanne giving me a nutrition plan that fitted my needs. To all the trainers, Peter, Leighton Ronan and Shannon I can’t thank them enough. If it wasn’t for them pushing and motivating me each week I would still be the same. Peter pushed me to limits I didn’t think were possible, I enjoy going to the gym now which is something I never thought I would say! I would highly recommend victory fitness and I can’t thank them enough for their support and dedication.


Just little over 12 weeks ago I started with victory fitness. My first day was a meeting with ronan and his confidence in the success of the program won me over. Over the following weeks I was pushed to my limits in training. Challenged about my diet and to keep on it. It was more a change of my life style than just a program. What victory fitness has given me is a new life style which is healthier and possible to maintain. I started at 107.5 kg and now weigh in at 94.8 kg. My body fat has dropped from mid 30s down to 22%. My fitness levels have increased drastically and my lifestyle around food has also changed. I went to ronan to help lose some weight for my wedding. I have finished with a life style change.
All in the team there push you to succeed. They want to see the best in you. Ronan and his team are great motivators and take a sincere and genuine interest in your success. I would like to thank all there, Peter shannon suzie and in particular Leighton who I had for most of my sessions. He pushed me to my limits and I greatly appreciate it.
Thank you all


I started with Victory 5 weeks ago. I have always tried to keep reasonably fit, but was getting frustrated that the work I felt I was putting in wasn’t getting the results I thought it deserved. From my first contact with the Victory team, I have found them to be absolute professionals. Their commitment to, and interest in the work that they do is contagious and a massive motivator. Any barrier that I could have used as an excuse was removed with their help. Sessions were arranged around my own (often limited) availability, which has made the whole process so much easier for me.

Having a very sweet tooth, I’ve always struggled a bit with nutrition so the plan that I’ve been given is helping me to make better, healthier and more balanced food choices and I am definitely breaking old and unhelpful eating habits.

I’ve enjoyed my training sessions 100%. All of the trainers are exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable and offer push and encouragement in the right measure which makes working out a balance of learning, effort and lots of fun. In a short space of time, I’ve seen huge benefits; my fitness level is greatly improved, I have more energy, I’m sleeping better, feeling more confident and positive, and above all, I am actually seeing the results of my hard work. Based on my own experience, I would highly recommend Victory to anyone wishing to improve their lifestyle, no matter what their ultimate goal is. I’m delighted with my own progress (and have to thank Ronan, Susie, and especially Peter, Shannon and Leighton who have been my trainers) and am looking forward to building on this with the team in the coming weeks and months.