We need to learn to walk before we run, perhaps maybe crawl in this instance first.

You see, to make sure our health stays good we need to do the basics well, no matter what your goal is.


So, before we plan a super technical workout program, we need to ensure our mobility is good or we will never benefit form the workout. Example if we can not squat correctly it would be silly to add a clean and jerk into your conditioning day plan until this is fixed.


Same goes for nutrition if you’re not eating whole foods, plenty of veg, and have a general understanding of your nutrient value and understand what the different macros perform in the body, it again would be silly to go into a complex diet when you cannot even eat some vegetables.


So, until you master the basics in exercise and nutrition i.e., build a solid foundation, then you can never sustain a healthy lifestyle and expect to maintain your goals.


If you are starting off , start with adding instead in instead of taking out


Add in some walks.

Add in some more veggies.

Drink more water 

Ensure you get good rest and sleep.

Hire a coach who can help you with the basics.


If you build a house on bad Foundation the house might look great until the first storms come, then my friend unfortunately your house is will not hold.

All because you neglected the foundations (the basics)