Simple ways to eat healthy

simple steps to eat healthy

Simple Ways to Start Eating Healthy and Stick to It

A balanced diet makes sure your body is getting all the nutrients it needs from your daily calorie consumption. But it is quite challenging to keep track of calorie sources on a daily basis. Following a particular diet chart can make the process easier and help you reach your fitness goal. However, starting to eat right and sticking to that healthy lifestyle is easier said than done. We know what we need to do and have a detailed plan but we can’t seem to stick to it for the long term.


Here are some proven ways that will help you stick to a healthy diet this time and be more successful in the long run. If you can’t find a strong motivating factor, continuing your diet will be quite challenging in the long run. There are some short term motivators like weight loss, which are not going to help in this case because you will go back to your old ways after you reach the targeted weight or body shape. Some long term
motivators towards a healthy lifestyle can be 

1. Setting a shining example for your children whenever you feel like giving up, just remind yourself of your motivating factors.

2. Start with realistic expectations and SMART goals for stepping towards a healthy lifestyle, you should
start with setting a SMART target that matches your expectation and ability. Your fitness goal should always be SMART (Specific,
Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely) so that the chance for success will be increased. It will retain you from getting demotivated and help you reach your fitness goal faster.

3. Keep unhealthy snacks and foods out of the house It is nearly impossible to stick to a healthy
diet when you’re surrounded by junk foods. Following the popular saying “out of sight, out of mind”, just clear your fridge and cabinets of all
the unhealthy foods. Stop bringing ultra-processed foods like candy, chips, fries, frozen food, fatty and greasy snacks and so on. One of the major reasons for diet fails is lack of time. Many of us give up on our diet goal after a certain time just because it takes time to plan meals, cook healthy recipes, and perform exercises but the problem is not the time essentially, it is up to your efficiency. Everyone get 24-hours a day, yet some people can manage to do a lot more than others. At the end, it is all comes down to effective time management and
commitment to your health. So divide your time proficiently so that you can make time for cooking, meal prep, meditation, workout, etc.
4. There is a lot of online fitness tracker app which can be used to track and monitor your progress over time. Using these apps you can easily log the foods you eat, exercise duration, and your weekly or monthly progress. Once you start seeing improvement and feeling fit, you will be more motivated to continue your fitness journey. 


According to a three-month study, women who used fitness trackers lost six times more weight than those who didn’t. Although there are several delicious healthy recipes out there, at the beginning it is tough to digest diet meals alone. Including your family member in your journey can make it more exciting and much easier. In this way, your children and family members will get used to a healthy lifestyle as well