Hi my name is Ronan and I am your Personal Coach,

I would like to share a small bit about myself so you can see if I am the right trainer for you.

I always wanted to help people but I just didn’t know how. I have spent 14 years of my life in developing my career in Hotel Management and Culinary arts. I have opened my own restaurant and worked in 5* Hotels but I felt I had a higher calling.

I had always been interested in training and I spent a lot of time in the gym. I knew looking around, a gym was a place I could be every day helping people, so in 2013 I decided I would get a start studying and gain a qualification in Personal Training and take my knowledge to a whole new level.

I jumped head first in and started building my very own client database. I have expanded my knowledge to help my clients and I hope to never stop being the best version of myself.

I have had my fair share of personal challenges throughout my years and have also battled with depression, anxiety, emotional eating and many more. I understand the difficulties with mental health and I believe from going through these experiences and coming through them I can bring them with me when helping someone going through their own troubles and difficulties.


Now lets get down to Business…………………………………….

My job daily is to help you achieve your goals. Sounds simple right? Wrong!

I am a strong believer that you can have anything you want as long as you are willing to put the hard work, time and dedication in to it. The biggest parts of my job are to make sure you are using your muscles correctly, making sure you prevent any damage to yourself out of the time we are together, giving you the knowledge in training & nutrition that you can take with you when you feel its time to take your journey on your own, Helping you build a solid nutrition plan that is sustainable to your own goals and above all helping you become accountable to yourself.

I am here to guide, teach, support and develop your body the way you want it, BUT I am only a small percentage in your goal. All of the hard work must come from you, you must be willing to follow suggestions and be honest with me.

Developing a professional relationship together takes times and trust must be formed. I believe I can you help you if you are willing to give me 100% of your commitment and honesty.

I love helping people and I am glad I am able to help you. So why dont you leave your details for a free consultation and we can start putting together a plan that is long term and that you can achieve.