Put something healthy in instead of taking the bad out

Put something in instead of taking something out

Put something instead of taking something out,


You say you are going on diet or a healthy journey, or something along the lines of changing your nutritional daily plan. Immediately we say what do I need to take out (restrict) to achieve my goal.

This is a natural process because we have been brainwashed into believing that the only way to lose weight is to restrict. If you want to lose weight fast then yes restricting and taking out all of the foods you enjoy you will lose weight but unfortunately it will not last long and you will begin your journey of restricting, binging, self loathing and back to restricting again. This is a fact and many people fall into this never ending cycle of “dieting” This causes huge problems mentally and physically. If you ask any body builder or Bikini model they will tell you the hard truth of excessive dieting.

So lets look at long term solution for the people who want a healthy body and mind. The people who want to feel good but also allow themselves the opportunity to enjoy a meal or ice cream with the family.

So how about we put something in before we take anything out.  For example, if your daily food intake is mostly full of processed, sugary foods. Instead of the first usual step of taking those foods out let us add in some nutritional dense foods, like more veg, more water, more fruit. Now instead of taking we are adding. As we add these foods in you will notice that you are fuller for longer and more satisfied which will help you cut down on the other foods with less effort.

 This simply and easy step will give you more confidence about what you want in your daily food plan, will help you notice that when you do eat process foods you don’t feel the best so in turn will prevent you from eating this again. Most importantly it will help you change the bad habits without ending up on a crazy diet merri go round.

 It is easier to add then to take out, Give it a try.