Premium Coaching

I take your goals, we make a plan and then we execute

Premium Coaching

Targeted training like never before.
Transforming bodies, health and minds

Your personal coaching programme

Your training program has to be as exceptional as you are! Premium coaching will take you to the next level of training

Workouts based on goals

Training methods and improved training programs make your workout more successful.

Analyze and improve your training

Prevent mistakes when exercising! Track your fitness progress with detailed analyses and react specifically to any deficiencies

What is Premium Personalised Coaching

Premium Coaching is for you if you need accountability, consistent support to your training, your nutrition and mindset. If you feel that you have been going around in circles and you feel you have got no where then a structured coaching plan is recommended for you. If you want results and want those results to grow after you have finished with Victory Fitness then Premium is the only answer.

I want to work with you to get you results, I am committed to results. You will come in to see me in the studio privately and we will go through strategic planning, creating a roadmap, addressing issues and overcoming the battles you will face. 

Here is what I don’t do

What People Are Saying


  • “He not only focuses on physical goals, but gives great weightage to the psyche/mindset of his clients – he has a holistic approach to fitness, which I must say, has been life- changing. He is passionate about what he does, truly believes in the cause of it, is very clear of why he does what he does – and they are all reflected in the way he executes them tirelessly”

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