James shares his journey on his 12 weeks of a transformation


So 14 months after I walked away from Victory Fitness I finally decided it was time to go back. When I left in November 2015 I had lost over 10kg from 103 kg to 92 kg and reduced my body fat from high 30’s to 14%. Now when I return my weight has increased to 106kg and body fat to 20% through nobody’s fault but my own.

When I got back in touch with Ronan he set up a meeting with me, we set out my goals and targets that we both want to achieve for me over the next twelve weeks. Ronan knows I’m not the most confident person in the world when it comes to the gym, but he puts your mind at ease so much you feel like you’re the only person in the gym.

I had my consultation/fitness test on 10/01/2017 and to say I was nervous to see how bad my fitness levels had got too would be an understatement, when I see where I once was and where I have let myself get too has come as a bit of a shock, considering it was something I really enjoyed before I stopped.

My first training session was in the simplest terms ‘very tough’ but as always not just Ronan but everyone In Victory is there to lend the support you need. These first few weeks will be the hardest, but I am always thinking of my end goal. That is my driving force.



Week two started off at 6am Monday Morning with my first ever class with the man himself Peter, when I was with Victory fitness first time around I never did a class I always stuck to my one to one sessions but after my first class I don’t understand why I never did one the atmosphere and buzz around the gym at 6 am in the morning is unreal and it’s a great way to start off your day, and I would certainly recommend doing them.

Tuesday I had my first weigh in and I was excited to see how my first week went and it couldn’t have gone much better as I had lost just under 4kg, that’s almost 4kg in only one week, it just shows that if you train hard, listen and stick to your diet anything is possible. The feeling you get when you jump off those scales, makes all these hard sessions and early morning sessions worth it.

Right after I got off the scales my negative mindset was back and I said to Ronan “ I will be disgusted next week because I will lose that amount again in a week” Ronan set me straight and told me enjoy the moment and to live in the present don’t be thinking too far ahead.

Even though I’m only just over one week in,I can feel the difference in my fitness everyday while doing my sessions. Very excited to see what week 3 brings.



This week didn’t really start as I had hoped, I was really looking forward to Tuesday morning for my weigh in as I had a great week training and nutrition was also perfect, So when I stepped on the scales to see that I had only lost .4kg from the week before I was very disappointed.

Straight away Ronan saw the disappointment on my face and after a quick chat he made me see the positives , it’s still a loss of 4.4kg in two weeks which I am very happy with after two weeks. If someone had told me two weeks ago when I started that I would be down 4.4kg in that space of time I would have very happily took it, so overall it has been a very good first two weeks.

You can either take it as a negative and leave it beat you or you can take it as a positive and make sure you train even harder the next week so you don’t get that feeling of disappointment when you stop on the scales again. It is very easy to give up and let these little things beat you(and  I really emphasis on the word LITTLE ) , because it’s not always going to  go the way you hope and there will be days & weeks of disappointments, but it’s how you respond to these disappointments that will make or break you.

Looking forward to next week and what it brings.



Another week down, another week of very good training , another week of perfect nutrition and another step closer to where I want to be. After the disappointment of my weigh in last week I was 100% focused to make sure I did not feel that disappointment this week once again . And i did not feel that disappointment again when I weighed in this week at just over 100kg which is a 2kg drop from last week and 6 overall in my 3 weeks back with victory. Thats almost 1 stone in three weeks which i am very happy with.

Four days I trained this week between 3 classes and 1 session with Ronan. My sessions with Ronan are getting harder week by week as the fitness levels are going up the intensity of the sessions are also going up with Ronan pushing me that little bit more every time. I cannot emphasis enough how good these classes are and how beneficial they have been to me. The difference in my fitness levels in the space of the three weeks I have been is crazy and never did i think three weeks ago I could feel the way i do today in such short space of time.



Monday I had to go to Dublin so this was my first real challenge of sticking to my diet 100%. I was only up there for a few hours so luckily enough I only missed one meal. I wasn’t very happy with missing it as I had been so consistent with my meals so far and this was my first time missing a meal in the 4 weeks. Just showed myself that I don’t want to make missing my meals a regular occurance.

As I couldn’t make training Tuesday I went for a run myself Tuesday morning, just to get a bit of exercise in, and it felt great. This same route only about 7/8 weeks ago I really struggled with , but with my fitness levels improving quicker than I could have ever imagined I breezed through it.

Back to the grind Wednesday morning for the 6am class with Peter and since I’ve been back with Victory this is definitely the hardest class I’ve done, and to make it worse and as if I wasn’t sore enough already I was back in at 10am to meet Ronan. First time doing two sessions in one day and it was tough my legs were left like jelly. But it was all worth while when i weighed in Friday morning because for the first time in about a Year and a half I am under the 100kg mark (99.7kg).

My biggest challenge so far will be over the next two weeks, as I’m off to Abu Dhabi Wednesday for 11 days . Luckily enough were I’m staying has a gym so there will be no excuses not to train while I’m away. Time to see if I can do it without Ronan by my side and encouraging me on.



This week and next week I’ll be writing this while I’m away in Abu Dhabi. It’s going to be a challenge without Ronan but one I’m looking forward to and I’m interested to see how I get on my own. I got two sessions doing the 6am classes Monday and Tuesday with Shane and Leighton before I left. Class by class I can feel it in myself that It’s becoming easier than a few weeks ago to get through these classes, saying that, still none of these classes are easy and these guys really put you through your paces.

After a long day travelling Wednesday I had to drag myself up Thursday morning to go to the gym. Ronan made me a program to do while I’m away so I have no excuses. As I go back to my first week doing this blog and talking about my mindset , it would have been easy to fob off my workouts on my own but as I’ve learned over the past few weeks the only person I’d be fooling is myself. Ive two sessions down here and they couldn’t have gone better, so here is hoping that weight stays down while away.

Nutrition has been 100% over the past few weeks but It’ll be interesting to see how it goes and how well I can stick to it over the next few days.



I started this week as I would any other week while at home and went to the gym first thing Monday morning. I got through the programme that was made for me , training felt very good while away. I thought that I would struggle and every time I would find I would find it tough I would give up on without Ronan there with me , but like as if he was there with me I found that second breath and got through each session.

As much as I’m heartbroken for my holiday to be over and to be back home , in a way I am happy to get back to normality and get my training and 100% nutrition back on track. Even though I trained while away and tried to stick to my diet as much as I could it is impossible to stick to it 100%  so my nutrition was honestly not as great as I had planned or had hoped it would be , So also looking forward to getting back to eating right, because if there’s anything I have learned over these last few weeks it is how important nutrition is.

Hopefully my first week back will be smashed and normality will be straight away resumed


Back to normality this week and thank god for that. I won’t lie I was very lazy about going back , as much as I was looking forward to it it was a bit of a struggle. When I was dragging myself out of bed the first morning for a 6 am class I was thinking to myself is it even worth it.? But once that class started all that negativity had gone and it felt great.

When I met Ronan Friday morning for my first one to one since been back from holidays I was fairly anxious and nervous to see what my weight would be when I returned , as I mentioned the previous week my diet hadn’t been great while away so I thought the pounds would have piled on but surprisingly enough my weight had actually dropped, my weight when leaving was 99.7 kg and when I returned it was 99.1 kg so to say i was delighted would be an understatement. As I said my diet wasn’t perfect but I did my training most mornings , it just goes to show how important and beneficial even 1 hour out of your day to get in some exercise could be.

My sessions with Ronan are getting harder and harder by the session, intensity has increased and rests are getting shorter. But I’m also doing exercises with Ronan now and getting through them a lot more comfortably than I was even 3-4 weeks ago. It is amazing how much your fitness can improve in such a short space of time if you’re willing to work hard.



So I suppose the purpose of me writing this blog every week is in the hope that at least some of you can relate to this and my journey in some way or another. Everybody has their highs and lows its a part of life and we’re only human after all but the key thing is how you react to your lows and take advantage and drive on from the highs that matter.

In a way last weekend I did kind of contradict myself and go against everything I’ve been saying and writing about because I went out drinking Saturday night, obviously I am only human and this is basically just a part of our lives but on the journey I’m on and trying to get to where I want to be , at this moment alcohol should be the last thing on my mind and I should be fully focused on my training.

I found my sessions with Ronan this week a lot harder than previous weeks, whether this was from been out the weekend or else from just let it affect me psychologically and play on my mind. But thankfully I can safely say that every ounce of alcohol that was inside me has been sweated out of me over the past week.

Friday Ronan weighed me in and checked my body fat. Weight dropped to 98.6kg and body fat dropped to 17.4%, although this is a drop of 3% from when I started , I was hoping I would have dropped it just a bit more at this stage. But in turn this just gives me the motivation to work even harder this week.




It’s amazing to think I’m 9 weeks in already, these past weeks have absolutely flew by, as the old saying goes “ time flies when you’re having fun”. These final three weeks of my 12 week programme will be tough but something I’m looking forward to.

I had a few sessions with Akeem this week and it was nice to change it up a bit, he had a lot of variety in his sessions and keeps the intensity sky high, massive future in the industry. Looking forward to my next few weeks as Ronan said we will be starting to bring a bit more strength work into my sessions. I suppose who doesn’t like getting the weight involved to build up that size.

I’ve started to really enjoy my cardio/ weight loss sessions doh, you feel great leaving that gym sweating known you’ve absolutely smashed a session. Weight dropping nicely every week, always a great feeling when you see it drop. I don’t really have a weight loss target, but just like everyone else you just want to step on those scales and see the numbers drop.

Lets hope these last few weeks will be as enjoyable and as good as the first 9, I cant emphasise on the world enjoyable enough, theres no point in going to the gym if you don’t want to be thee and not enjoying it. I now look forward to every session , big change from a few weeks ago who you couldn’t get me near a gym.

It is amazing the way Ronan and the lads not only change your body but your mindset too.



Mentally my head was just not fully in it for the first few days of the week. Monday I turned off my alarm instead of getting up at 5.15am like I usually do because I wanted to have an extra hour in bed instead of getting up for the class, Tuesday was exactly the same, it was just pure laziness by me.

Wednesday I had no choice but to get up because I had my session with Ronan, but once I got there had a little chat with Ronan and started training everything just comes back to you and you remember why you’re doing it in the first place. Thursday back to the normal routine of the 5.15 am alarm and 6 am class, seen as I had a lazy first few days I stayed for an extra hour myself after class to make me feel that little bit better about been lazy at the beginning of the week.

Had another session with Akeem on Friday morning, the more i train with this guy the more and more i enjoy it. He really pushes you and makes session very enjoyable with his variations.

Weight down to 97kg this week, very very happy with current weight and fitness levels.



So now we’re on the final stretch with two weeks left to go. I honestly can’t believe it’s gone by this fast. At the start my target was to drop my body fat down to 14% in the space of 12 weeks, and considering when Ronan checked on Wednesday morning and i was 16.5% this target is almost impossible.

Strangely I’m not disappointed because it’s still 4% less than I was 10 weeks ago and how much I’ve improved in all other aspects from my fitness to body shape , this % is only a number. Also how much I’ve changed my mindset & Outlook , dropping 4% before I would have felt like I failed and that I should have dropped more , but now I see it as a positive and how much difference there is from 10 weeks ago.

Really looking forward to the week ahead, the plan is to get myself in the gym 6 mornings next week, which will be tough no doubt but will also feel great.

At the end of the day I didn’t sign up for a short term fix, I have to be realistic this 12 weeks is just the first stepping stone to where I want to be.


So 12 weeks are now done, It’s amazing I honestly cannot believe how quickly they have gone by and how enjoyable it’s been, don’t get me wrong it has been 12 of the hardest weeks I could have possibly put down but how i’ve enjoyed it. There’s been sweat, whinging, cuts , bruises you name it it’s happened. But I’ve come out of this 12 weeks happier and feeling  a million times better than I did when I started.

I honestly cant thank and recommend Ronan & Akeem , and all the guys in Victory fitness enough. The taught , time and attention to detail these guys put into every client is amazing, and it only proves this with  all the unbelievable results their clients are getting.

If you had told me 12 weeks ago I’d drop over 11 kg and over 4% bodyfat I would have ate your hand off and thanks to these guys they made it happen. This isn’t the end , after doing my 12 weeks I couldn’t end there, so I have now signed up for another 12.

These guys in Victory Fitness can honestly change your life, If they can do it for me they can do it for anyone.