How long more do you allow yourself to be dictated by the weighing scales??


How many of you would panic if the scales was taken away and you could never stand on them and weigh in again??

If that statement panicked you then maybe it’s time to look at the reasons why


In the first few weeks of changing your nutrition plan to either to a weight gain program or a weight loss program it will be water that’s manipulated the most.
You will not lose 7lbs of fat in one week or gain 7 lbs of muscle it just isn’t going to happen!
The scales does one thing and one thing only show you a number. It represents your total body weight 🚫 It does not tell you how much fat, water, bone density or muscle you hold in your body 🚫
But yet no matter how good your week was no matter how proud you were of your week of eating healthy and exercise and being positive, If the scales does not say what you want it to say you are suddenly unhappy and demotivated.
It’s like your doing it for the scales and you let the scales dictate your feelings and thoughts.
It’s only an indication, a tiny indication and can be very inaccurate at times.

In my business I see how destructive the scales can be. How it literally sucks the soul out of people and genuinely these clients are doing great and feeling great up until they weigh in.
If your only way of determining how well you are progressing is by standing on the scales then you will find it extremely difficult to reach any type of happiness in your fitness & health journey and even if you do it will be very short lived.
There is so many ways of measuring success that have nothing to do with a weighing scales.

1️⃣how you feel after completing a productive day of nutrition and exercise
2️⃣getting fitter and stronger in the gym
3️⃣having more energy
4️⃣clothes fitting better
5️⃣skin feeling fresher and more colour
6️⃣confidence increases and you feel like you are walking with your head held a little higher each day
Some times all these can be happening and all it takes is for the scales to destroy that feeling.
That must be so frustrating for you and it’s also frustrating for me as when I’m working with a client I can see how well they are progressing and then it’s all gone in the space of second on the scales.

If you struggle and are controlled by a number and are not happy I would invite you to contact me and we can build a program that can help you change your way of thinking and get the results you want. You can finally ditch that scales and be happy not to be controlled by it any more.

I invite anyone who reads all of this to be truthful to themselves and ask has the scales every really told you the truth???