Before & After photos for social media

before & after photos for social media

Progression pics

Over the years I have followed the route of before and after pictures. This Before and after photos get all the likes, they are primarily used as a marketing tool.

When I scroll though social media 9 out of 10 posts are before and after pictures. What does this mean?

So first of we have to take that photo as face value. The truth that the details given are correct and be able to see that there is no advantageous posing happening. The lighting is just normal and there was no drug enhancements used or photo shop done to complete the “after photo”.

If I have a client over a period of time and their goal is to drop body fat and increase muscle mass and they hit that goal, then absolutely wonderful. If they want to show this transformation on social media, then that’s their prerogative. Same goes for someone who just wants to increase cardio health but through that process drops a few pounds.

What this does for an outsider looking in is just showing them the before and after. Does not show the in between, does not show the goal, does not show anything other than the photo that you believe to be true.

The danger here is the comparison. Someone once quoted “Comparison is the thief of joy” Comparing your current position with someone’s after picture does not give you the motivation to start it gives you the motivation to berate yourself even further. Wishing, comparing, hating on yourself because you do not look like that.

I do not use before and after pictures any more for those reasons alone but there are many more.

I want to help and coach clients to achieve their long term goals of being healthy, happy, feeling energised, loving themselves for the inside out and I want to educate them on how to live freely and not to be controlled by diet plans, social media and body image.

Over the years I have worked with countless people. All with different goals and mindsets. The majority of younger clients want to lose weight and be “insta ready” I will not work with these individuals because they are setting themselves up for failure from the moment the walk in my office. Unrealistic goals will never get you a long term solution.

We had an incredible successful program called the Incredible 90 which 90 percent of clients achieved there 90 day goal, but I would say 95percent of them failed to maintain it. We tried to execute it so there would be long lasting results but the client’s real reasons behind joining were not honest so we stopped this program because we want to help people with their goals and make them maintainable, so you don’t need to keep joining gyms and go back to strict dieting.

For the many years now, I have helped people achieve long sustainable results and they are loving life and in return I am loving my profession again as a coach.

To us the journey never ends just gets better for client daily.


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